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Perth’s Best Urban Walking Trails

Perth’s Best Urban Walking Trails

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When there’s less opportunity to enjoy Perth’s best world renowned beaches in the winter, exploring natural beauty elsewhere while bushwalking is the ideal activity for the cooler weather. All you need is a wind breaker and a bottle of water before heading on a one hour or half day trail without even leave the city.

Bells Rapid Walk Trail
Swan Valley

This 5.5km circuit trail lines the Swan River, providing views of the of Bells Rapids and the coastal plains where you can spot grey kangaroos at certain times of year. With a bridge crossing the white water rapids, made famous for the annual boat race the Avon Descent, you’ll find wandoo, flooded gums, wildflowers and native locals like the little pied cormorant along the way.

Bushland Nature Trail
Kings Park

For an easy half-hour walk just minutes away from the CBD, Bushland Nature Trail features Western Australia’s famous wildflowers and birdlife for scenery. Enter the trail through Forrest Drive and if you feel like extending the walk, there’s also the 2.5k Law Walk Loop or the a 90 minute Boodja Gnaring Walk led by signage panels that provide information and artwork from the Nyoongar people to see during your walk.

Matilda Bay Reserve

With rolling green parkland surrounding the Swan River, there’s kilometres of river views including jetty’s and yacht clubs to enjoy along the Matilda Bay Reserve. Start at the famous blue UWA Boat Shed and walk past the Nedlands Bath Marina Jetty, taking a detour at the Matilda Bay Tearooms for a coffee.

Banksia Hill Loop Trail
Canning River Park

This 1.5km trail takes about an hour and will lead you through the Canning River Regional Park, past flourishing banksia woodland. Start with a BBQ on Kent Weir and walk past the salt marshes where you’ll find trail markers to lead the way. If you want to continue walking, you’ll find the  Butterflies, Birds and Bridges Trail  in Canning River park as well.

Bibra Lake Loop
Bibra Lake

This six kilometre loop walk starts at Progress Drive and lines the whole of Bibra Lake. It takes about one to three hours to loop around, depending on your pace, but there are plenty of spots to enjoy a picnic in the shade if you want to stop and soak in the view along the way.

Reabold Hill Summit

As the highest natural point on the swan coastal plane, Bold Park features sweeping views over the Indian Ocean and the Darling Scarp, as well as glimpses of the Swan River. The short 2km Reabold Hill Summit walk takes less than an hour and you might spot one of many local natives including geckos, brushtail possums and even bats along your way. The park is also home to over 15 kilometres of other walking trails to explore and you’ll find a map detailing information about alternative trails here.

Eagle View Walk
Perth Hills

John Forest National Park is just an hour drive from the CBD, where you’ll find bushwalking trails of all different grades to choose from. The 15km Eagle View Circuit is a grade three walk that loops through the heart of the park, past untouched habitats, waterfalls and wildflowers if it’s spring. You’ll find a map and information about how to prepare here.

Wadjemup Bidi Walk Trail
Rottnest Island

Experience the unique natural beauty of Rottnest Island by foot. Traverse the Island’s unique landscapes along the Wadjemup Bidi; a series of walk trails that will take you across spectacular coastal headlands, past stunning inland lakes and encounter both natural and man-made attractions along the way.  Wadjemup Bidi is made up of 45km of trails; explore Bickley Bay area, the Salt Lakes and also Salmon Bay. It’s a wildlife haven at West End Boardwalk which connects through to the Cathedral Rocks Seal Viewing Platform. The newest section navigates through the Island’s Northern beaches where you’ll discover long sandy beaches and calm swimming lagoons within the reef. Visit