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Twilight Hawkers Market

14/10/2016 - 28/04/2017 Twilight Hawkers Market

Offering cuisine from almost 40 countries across six continents, the City of Perth’s Twilight Hawkers Market epitomises the very best of our capital city’s growing cultural diversity, and is a great contributor to Perth’s global standing as a premium food tourism destination. With a weekly changing selection of over 40 stalls and food trucks (from a roster of more than 70) and different live entertainment each week, people return time and again for new food experiences. Due to the Market’s ever-increasing popularity, we’re extending trading by half an hour this season until 9:30pm each Friday night, from the same early start time of 4:30pm. The new season’s lineup will see the return of popular stalls joined by 20 new vendors, reflective of, and in some ways leading, local and global food trends. From Spanish style tapas to fresh takes on Mexican and Middle Eastern cuisine, and an increase in Italian street food vendors. There will be plenty of vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and halal options available as well.