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Place and Space Exhibition

08/02/2019 - 31/03/2019 Place and Space Exhibition

SHIRE OF MUNDARING OPEN ART ACQUISITION EXHIBITION. The routes through Mundaring have been travelled by many. Some have journeyed to the hills for economic opportunities while others have remained to call this picturesque landscape home for generations. An ongoing flow of different peoples has cultivated a diverse regional character, rich in talent, skill and personal stories. Whether spending a short, long, transitory, or continuing presence in the Hills region, Mundaring has developed into a community that values its connections to its past while inspiring a creative future. The acquisition exhibition for 2019 is an open format, for which artists are invited to respond to the theme of place and space by creating works that explore their material and/or intangible connections to the Shire of Mundaring. Artists are encouraged to reflect and explore these connections and articulate this via their art work.