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French Explorers in WA Exhibition

13/09/2018 - 09/12/2018 French Explorers in WA Exhibition

You are invited to view two exquisite exhibitions that celebrate Western Australia’s French connections. These two exhibitions are exclusively showing at the WA Maritime Museum from Thursday 13 September.

The Art of Science: Baudin’s
Voyagers 1800-1804 For the first time since they were completed over 200 years ago this exhibition brings original paintings and drawings from the Museum of Natural History in Le Havre, France to Australia. Never seen before in Australia, items include Baudin’s chronometer, beautiful coastal profiles, hand drawn maps, and Baudin’s personal journal from France’s National Archives.

Return to Australia: Freycinet 1818
Discover the science and stories behind this amazing journey as we commemorate the 200th anniversary of Freycinet’s expedition to Western Australia in the Uranie.